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Best Civil Litigation Lawyer Rockville MD

Best Civil Litigation Lawyer Rockville MD 

Best Civil Litigation Lawyer Rockville MD

When facing proceedings for estate litigation, working with the best civil litigation lawyer in Rockville, MD will be vital. Estate litigation can be compared to other forms of civil litigation, with the primary difference being the laws that govern the procedures. For example, a will contest will be heard by the probate court and must follow Maryland state laws and statutes regarding estate law and the probate process. The time limits to do so can vary. Therefore, it is important to retain the services of the best civil litigation lawyer Rockville, MD has to offer. The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright understands civil litigation, and can provide you with the counsel you need when facing estate litigation.

Find the Best Civil Litigation Lawyer in Rockville, MD When Facing Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, disputes regarding an estate and it’s assets are considerably common following the death of a loved one. Many involve family members near and far who are highly emotional, vulnerable, and upset. One situation The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright sees time and time again is when one person feels they have been unfairly treated, or excluded, from their inheritance. In situations like these, it may be possible to contest the will; however, there must be certain elements that must be present in order to proceed.

Whether you would like to contest a will, or are the heir of a will being contested by another person, your should have the best civil litigation lawyer that Rockville, MD has to offer by your side.

Grounds to Contest a Will

After a loved one passes away, nothing is more uncomfortable than learning, or feeling like they left a will that:

  • Appears to have been written on the basis of coercion by another person
  • Was executed after the decedent lost their mental capacity
  • Appears to have been written against their wishes which you thought you knew
  • Contradicts another copy of a will you have

If you believe one of the above applies, it is important you do not waste any time. Consult with the best civil litigation lawyer from Rockville, MD to discuss initiating a will contest petition. During this time, The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright is likely to submit a request to the court asking to void the will and declare it as invalid. Time is of the essence. There are specific deadlines for filing a will contest; thus, you should act fast.

Who Can Challenge a Will

In general, any person who believes they are being adversely affected by a will has the right to challenge the document. This begins with filing a will contest action at the probate court nearest to the location of the decedent’s death. The best civil litigation lawyer in Rockville, MD can help you take action. Typically, you will have anywhere from 6 months to a year to file a will contest; however this statue will vary by state and the circumstances of the situation.

Grounds to Challenge a Will

There are several grounds that can enable you to challenge a will; these include:

Lack of Testamentary Capacity

If the decedent created and signed a will during a time in their life in which it is questionable as to how mentally aware they were, a will challenge may be possible. For example, if the decedent was suffering from dementia at the time they signed the will, you should consult with the best civil litigation lawyer from Rockville, MD.

Undue Influence

Undue influence may be applicable when the decedent may have been coerced by another party who, in some way, benefited from the will.

In addition to the above, which are the most common reasons to contest a will, it may be possible to ask the court to declare a will invalid if the following are applicable:

  • The will is a fraud
  • There are multiple wills
  • The will may have been forged
  • There has been collusion with other individuals

If You Believe a Will Should Be Contested, Call The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, the Best Civil Litigation Lawyer in Rockville, MD

The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright represents beneficiaries and executors in a broad range of estate and civil litigation matters. If you would like to know more about challenging a will, please call a civil litigation lawyer in Rockville MD.

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