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Drug Lawyer Rockville, MD

Your Trusted Rockville Drug Attorney

Drug Lawyer Rockville MD

If you are looking for a drug lawyer Rockville MD trusts, look no further than the law firm of Daniel J. Wright. Wright has been ranked in the top 100 trial lawyers for his indisputable excellence on getting the job done. Wright knows the inner workings of the court system and is armed with years of experience that he can use to help you accomplish your goals. As a drug lawyer Rockville MD community members rely on, he is unmatched.

People convicted of drug crimes make up almost 20 percent of Maryland state prisons. Drug crimes include possession of illegal substances, distribution of illegal substances, and manufacturing of illegal substances. If you have been charged with one of these crimes, immediately contact a drug lawyer Rockville MD relies on to seek council.

Possession or Intent to Sell

There are two categories of drug possession law in the state of Maryland, possession for personal use, and possession with the attempt to distribute. Drug laws are constantly changing and evolving which is why seeking council from a drug lawyer Rockville MD trusts is of the highest importance. Possession for personal use is categorized as a far less serious crime than that of intent to distribute, however it is nothing to take lightly. The nature of the crime can be escalated to a more severe charge if any new evidence is uncovered. If you are charged with possession you should immediately seek council from a drug lawyer Rockville MD prosecutors respect such as Daniel J. Wright. He can formulate a defense strategy that offers you the best possible outcome.

Factors Taken into Account in a Drug Charge

When you are charged with a drug crime, a number of factors may come into play. A drug lawyer Rockville MD relies on can be able to explain to you in detail how prosecutors often escalate the charges as they find more evidence. Possession factors include:

  • Quantity and location of drugs found
  • Items that may indicate intent to sell such as a scale or baggies
  • A law enforcement witness of a transfer of possession of the drugs
  • A large amount of cash found in the vehicle or home, or on the accused’s person

Understanding Search and Seizure Laws

Search and seizure laws are very important when it comes to protecting the rights of American citizens. The Fourth Amendment in the U.S. Constitution states that all citizens are protected against unlawful searches, but when applied in the modern world, this amendment can become very complicated. This is why it’s important to rely on the guidance of a drug lawyer Rockville MD locals recommend from our firm. Because unlawful police searches could potentially affect nearly any kind of criminal case, we think this is a valuable topic to discuss with our clients. No matter the nature of your legal issue, it’s important to understand your rights as an American citizen. As a drug lawyer Rockville MD residents choose due to his wealth of knowledge, Daniel J. Wright can address your questions and concerns.

Protection Against Unlawful Search and Seizure

Drug possession is not a minor crime, and those convicted may face paying expensive fines, serving jail time, a mark on record, and more. When a person is arrested, they may not know that the drug evidence found could have been obtained unlawfully.

By law, people are protected from unreasonable seizures and searches of themselves, home environment, and other property by law enforcement. As a Rockville, MD drug lawyer, Daniel J. Wright understands that not every officer performs a search for drug possession while abiding by the law.

The Fourth Amendment defines an unlawful search or seizure of property as that which is “unreasonable.” It states that “reasonable” searches by law enforcement agents are lawful even when they do not have a warrant. Determining what is “reasonable” is at the crux of whether a search is legal without a warrant. In most cases, the law enforcement agents will have to prove that they had probable cause to believe that they would find evidence of a crime in a specific place, and that the circumstances justified conducting the search without obtaining a warrant first. A drug lawyer Rockville MD individuals hire who are accused of a crime may be able to prove that the search was illegal. That can result in the prosecutor dropping all charges.

This protection applies to all of your property — your home, your car, your bank documents, and even your phone. Without a warrant and without probable cause, law enforcement agents are not legally allowed to search these items. There are, however, specific exceptions to this rule. For example, when high school students store items in their lockers, the school typically argues that the lockers do not belong to the students and therefore a locker may be searched without probable cause.

One major exception to search and seizure protection is often called the “plain view” exception. This states that if police officers see evidence or contraband items in plain view, and if those officers have the legal right to be in that location, they may also have the right to seize the items or conduct a search of that area. For example, if a police officer pulls over a driver and sees drug paraphernalia on the passenger’s seat, the police officer may have the legal right to search the vehicle for drugs. If found, the drugs could be confiscated and could be evidence toward a criminal charge.

If you believe there was something not quite right about how your drug possession arrest occurred, we highly recommend you talk with a drug lawyer Rockville, MD trusts. Call Daniel J. Wright now.

Search Warrants and Probable Cause

An officer is only permitted to search your property if there is probable cause. It is important that those accused of drug possession understand what probable cause means in relation to their arrest. If an officer has sufficient evidence to reasonably believe the accused has broken a law, a search can be initiated and any found drugs are confiscated.

Search warrants are documents signed by judges or police officers that authorize law enforcement agents to conduct a search. The warrant must specify the place where the search will take place, and it must also list the materials that they are searching for. Although the location of the search is typically very specific (such as an address or a room within a building), the materials listed tend to be more vague (such as “anything with a possible connection to the aforementioned crime”). Individuals are required to allow searches when law enforcement agents present a warrant for a search. However, an experienced Rockville MD drug lawyer might argue later that the officers did not have probable cause and therefore the search was unreasonable and unlawful.

Search and seizure laws are intended to protect American citizens, but it’s clear that these laws are very complex and can have many loopholes. It’s imperative that you choose a drug lawyer in Rockville MD who has a thorough understanding of these laws. With help from Daniel J. Wright, our team can help you figure out whether the officer had a legitimate reason to perform a search.

Drugs Found in Plain View

Illegal drugs that are in obvious sight either on the person or within a vehicle or home, may be seized and used as proof against the accused. Drugs that were found not in plain view (such as the trunk or glove compartment) and the person didn’t give consent, may result in the drugs being thrown out as evidence. If the accused’s rights were violated at anytime during the search or arrest, the drugs may not be used in the court trial and the charges are often dismissed. In extreme cases, sometimes an officer damages property of the accused in such a haste to find hidden drugs. Let your drug lawyer Rockville, MD know if you felt coerced by the officer or had any property ruined in the process.

Drug Manufacturing

There are very specific and intricate laws surrounding protocol to surveillance. A drug lawyer Rockville MD relies on to know the ins and outs of the court system may be able to help you discern whether or not your rights were violated in the surveillance or search of your home or person. In the case of a wrongful search or surveillance attempt, charges may be dropped.

If you are facing drug charges of any kind it is in your best interests to call a drug lawyer Rockville MD relies on right away. Drug laws are detailed and intricate and a misstep on the side of law enforcement could possibly get your charges dropped. Finding a Rockville drug lawyer you can trusts to fight for your best interests is the important first step once charges are filled so that you can be prepared before you face the threat of escalating charges. Call Daniel J. Wright at 301-655-8130 for a free consultation if you need a drug lawyer Rockville MD offers.

3 Drugs Commonly Abused in Maryland

To abuse a drug is to use it for something other than its intended purpose or out of compliance with your doctor’s instructions. Some controlled substances have no accepted medical uses, so possessing, making, or using them is always against the law. Some have medical uses that are so limited that they are only rarely prescribed. However, others are medications that are commonly prescribed. It may be possible to commit an offense involving prescription medications without realizing it, in which case, a drug lawyer in Rockville, MD, at the firm of Daniel J. Wright may be able to help you present your case to the court. Here are some substances most commonly abused in Maryland.

1. Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is a very potent and addictive drug in its own right. It is a stimulant drug that works on the pleasure centers of the brain, causing euphoria, aggression, and sometimes psychosis. Eventually, the neural overstimulation that results from meth use can damage the pleasure centers of the brain, leaving you unable to feel anything positive.

Another risk of using methamphetamine is that it is sometimes laced with opioids. These are more likely to cause overdose deaths than the meth itself. Meth is technically a Schedule II controlled substance, meaning that it could be prescribed by a physician. Nevertheless, as a drug lawyer in Rockville, MD, could tell you, it very rarely is.

2. Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines help promote relaxation and are commonly prescribed by mental health providers to help patients with anxiety. Brand-name benzodiazepines include Ativan, Klonopin, Valium, and Xanax. The potential for addiction to benzodiazepines is relatively low, but it is more likely to occur if you do not follow the directions of the prescribing physician. Because it is common to prescribe benzos for anxiety, it is relatively easy for them to be diverted for recreational use. This can happen without your knowledge, e.g., if someone in your family or a visitor to your home steals them from your medicine cabinet. However, you could face penalties if you knowingly share your prescription medications with other people. Even if you have the best of intentions, you could still end up needing the services of a drug lawyer in Rockville, MD.

3. Opioids

Opioids can be dangerous if they are mixed with other drugs, such as methamphetamine. Most of the overdose deaths related to the use of other drugs are actually due to opioids with which the drugs were laced. You may think you’re buying and using one drug not realizing that it has been laced with an opioid and overdose as a result.

Nevertheless, opioids can do harm on their own as well. Heroin is an example of an opioid with no accepted medical uses, meaning it is not legal to use under any circumstances. However, most opioids are prescription pain medications. As a drug lawyer in Rockville, MD, knows all too well, most opioid addicts first become hooked from a prescription and then have to turn to the black market to feed the habit when the prescription runs out.

Daniel J. Wright is a drug lawyer in Rockville, MD who can represent your interests in court. The hope is that you can seek help for your addiction instead of serving an unproductive prison term.

Manufacturing Illegal Drugs

It is illegal both in Maryland and under federal law to manufacture illegal drugs. Some of the most commonly manufactured illegal drugs are methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, LSD and PCP. Manufacturing laws also apply to cultivation of marijuana, except in states where it has been legalized. However, federal law still applies in those states.

Maryland law goes one step further, making it illegal to possess equipment that could be used to manufacture controlled substances with the intent to produce and sell those substances. A drug lawyer in Rockville MD, such as Daniel J. Wright can explain the nuances of these laws if you are charged with manufacturing illegal drugs.

Manufacturing Counterfeit Drugs

Maryland law also makes it illegal to produce counterfeit drugs. For example, you could produce fake Percocet, Vicodin or Valium with the intention to sell your counterfeits. You’re also prohibited under the law to manufacture a machine that will stamp your counterfeit pills with numbers that make them look like the real deal. Daniel J. Wright, a drug lawyer in Rockville MD, can help you understand these laws.

Penalties for Drug Manufacturing Charges

Under federal law, if you produce illegal drugs in sufficient quantities, you could be facing up to 40 years in prison and fines of $5 million. In Maryland, the penalties are not as harsh, as local police departments are usually dealing with smaller amounts of the illicit drugs. The penalties for manufacturing illegal drugs vary by how many times you’ve been convicted of drug manufacturing:

  • First offense — up to 20 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $15,000
  • Second offense — up to 20 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $15,000
  • Third offense — up to 25 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000
  • Fourth offense — up to 40 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000

It’s important to know that in the eyes of the law, intention to manufacture illegal drugs is no different than actually producing them. You may be arrested for intent to manufacture, even if you had not actually made any illicit drugs. Daniel J. Wright, a drug lawyer in Rockville MD, can help you sort out your options in light of these charges.

Defense Against Manufacturing Charges

There are many roads to defense against drug manufacturing charges. However, the most common one is to assert that your rights under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution have been violated. The Fourth Amendment protects you from unlawful search and seizure. For example, if your home or vehicle was searched without probable cause, a warrant or your permission, your Fourth Amendment rights may have been violated.

Other Drug Possession Defenses

If an illegal search and seizure doesn’t apply to your arrest, we can use other strategies to help get the charges dropped or at least minimized, if possible. Examples of other defenses that may suit your arrest more appropriately, can be strategies like showing why the drugs weren’t actually yours, how the drug sample was mishandled or lost since the arrest, whether drugs were planted, or entrapment was a factor. We can help investigate your arrest deeper, to see if we can uncover any hidden errors that were committed by law enforcement.

Five Myths About Drug Charges

Drug Possession Charges Are Always Misdemeanors

In Maryland, the only possession charge that’s a misdemeanor is possession of marijuana. If you’re found with any other drug on your person, you’ll be facing felony charges, punishable with up to four years in prison and fines up to $25,000. If you’re convicted, it can have a serious deleterious effect on your future, including your ability to find housing and a job. You want a drug lawyer in Rockville MD, on your side to fight your drug charges.

If Police Officers Find Drugs During a Search, You’ll Be Found Guilty

There’s always a chance that the drugs were found illegally, without a warrant or probable cause to do a search. Daniel J. Wright, a drug attorney, may be able to find out if that’s the case in your instance, and potentially have that evidence thrown out. With no admissible evidence that you possessed drugs, the case against you may fall apart.

It’s Just a Little Bit of Marijuana, so It’s Not a Big Deal

A little bit of marijuana can be a very big deal. If you’re only in possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana, you still have to pay a fine. Over 10 grams, and you could be looking at a year in jail. If you have  more than that, you could face possession with intent to sell, which brings with it a fine of $15,000 and up to five years in jail. A drug lawyer in Rockville MD, may be able to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor to get the charges reduced.

If I Talk to the Police, They Are Likely To Dismiss My Charges

You should never talk to the police without a lawyer present. It’s far too easy to slip up and say something incriminating if you’re talking to the police on your own. Remember that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, and avail yourself of your right to remain silent.

If Police Ask To Search My Person, Home or My Vehicle, I’m Required To Consent

You are absolutely not required to give consent for a search. If police ask for your consent, very politely tell them no. If they start searching anyway, stand aside and let them. Otherwise you could be facing more criminal charges. If police have a warrant to search your home, vehicle, or person, you are required to let that search happen. A drug lawyer in Rockville MD, such as Daniel J. Wright may be able to quash a warrant or prove a search happened illegally.

If you were arrested for drug possession, do not panic. An arrest does not mean you are automatically guilty and have to face certain consequences. A Baltimore, MD drug lawyer can create an influential defense strategy and advocate for your behalf in court. Please call Daniel J. Wright now so we have more time to work on your case. 

Drug Lawyer In Rockville MD

If you are caught using, possessing or distributing drugs, you may be charged with a criminal offense. Drug offenses are regarded as very serious and you could be prosecuted at the state as well as the federal level. For a number of reasons, the penalties for a drug charge conviction has increasingly grown harsher than in decades’ past. For this reason, it’s important to contact a drug lawyer in Rockville from Law Office of Daniel J. Wright who has the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to defend and represent you in court.

Some states carry mandatory minimum prison sentences that range from three to twenty-five years in prison — even for the first offense. Below are the definitions of drug-associated crimes:

  • Delivery is the transfer of a controlled substance from one party to another.
  • Possession of drugs, including only for a short time for testing or verification purposes.
  • Cannabis trafficking is when someone purchases, sells, delivers, or manufacturers a designated amount of cannabis into the state.
  • Cocaine trafficking is when someone purchases, sells, delivers, or manufacturers cocaine into the state.
  • Possessing paraphernalia with the intention of using it with an illegal substance.
  • Manufacturing is defined as the preparation, production, compounding, propagation, growing, cultivating, processing or conversion of a controlled substance, indirectly or directly, by taking from a substance’s origin, or solely using chemical methods. This includes labeling or packaging such a substance.
  • Conspiracy is someone who conspires with someone else to commit a drug-related crime.

The consequences of a drug conviction may vary by state, but it is always serious. If this is your first offense and it is one of possession, there may be legal options available to you. A drug lawyer in Rockville from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright may be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

This is why it is so important to contact a lawyer who is experienced in successfully defending drug offenders. If you are found guilty, penalties may range from probation to completing a treatment program for drugs to significant jail time. Jail time can vary in length from just a few months to a life sentence. In a state where the death penalty is legal, that option may be pursued by the prosecutor if you intentionally killed someone during a drug deal.

The Value of Hiring a Drug Lawyer in Rockville

As an experienced attorney, Daniel J. Wright from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can protect your rights in several ways. He can initiate research to determine if the police actions were legal. Any number of details that were missed or incorrect may allow Daniel J. Wright to petition the court for a motion to dismiss the charge.

Turn to a Drug Lawyer Rockville MD Locals Recommend

Successfully defending drug-related crimes is often a complex and difficult matter. It requires a drug lawyer in Rockville who is trained and experienced in handling every aspect of drug case including possession, use, and trafficking charges. Do not hesitate to contact us.

How will my criminal defense lawyer prepare for my trial?

Even though you were charged with a crime, there is no certainty that you will end up in a courtroom, especially when you hire a drug lawyer Rockville MD offers. In fact, with a Rockville MD drug lawyer by your side, your chances of avoiding a trial may be better than you think. At the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright we prepare every case as if it will go to trial so we’re not caught unprepared. We also make every effort to get our client’s charges dismissed or reduced. And very often, Daniel J. Wright is successful. Give us a call at 301-760-3387 to find out how a respected drug lawyer in Rockville MD might be able to help you if you’ve been charged with a criminal offense. We won’t charge you for that first phone call.

Preparation for the Defense of a Criminal Offense

At the time you hire a drug lawyer Rockville MD locals recommend from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, we begin preparing your defense immediately. If you have called us soon after your arrest, we can begin protecting your rights from the beginning. This is the legal process for most criminal cases:

1. We will notify the court that you have hired a criminal defense lawyer from our firm. This is referred to as filing an official appearance. It lets the court and the prosecutor that a lawyer from Law Office of Daniel J. Wright is representing you. At that point, no one, not even police detectives, can talk to you without a drug lawyer Rockville MD defendants hire from our firm by your side.
2. We will make sure you understand your rights. You may already know what they are, but you may not know when or how to take advantage of them. Your Law Office of Daniel J. Wright criminal defense lawyer will explain your rights in full.
3. We will review your criminal charge documentation and probable cause affidavit. Any documentation that relates to your investigation, arrest, search of your home, office, or vehicle—all of this is relevant to your case. Your criminal defense lawyer will likely use this information to form your defense strategy.

The Discovery Process

If your case moves to trial, more steps will be involved than if your criminal defense lawyer is able to successfully argue that your charges should be dropped or reduced. If a trail is necessary, the following steps may be necessary:

1. We will file a motion for discovery. This process involves an exchange of information about your case between the defense lawyer and prosecutor. This will include a witness list, evidence, and anything else that exists for your case.
2. We will schedule and conduct depositions. A deposition is a recorded interview with any witness who may be called to the stand during a trial.
3. We will identify and hire experts to dispute the evidence provided by the prosecutor. We work with a network of experts who can examine any evidence such as ballistics or physical evidence to determine if the prosecutor’s conclusions are accurate.
4. We will file preliminary motions. This means that after you hire a drug lawyer Rockville MD residents choose from our firm, we may file a motion with the court that says a particular piece of evidence should not be used against you for whatever reason.

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If you were charged with a criminal offense in the state of Maryland, you will be best served by turning to an experienced lawyer who handles criminal cases. At the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, a drug lawyer Rockville MD community members rely on to protect their rights can review your case for free when you call 301-760-3387.

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