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September 18, 2019

How Do I Serve My Spouse with Divorce Papers?

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How Do I Serve My Spouse with Divorce Papers?

When a decision to divorce one’s spouse has been made, it can sometimes feel like cementing that decision very quickly is extremely important. Some individuals call their attorneys within hours of making the decision to divorce because they understandably feel that now that the decision has been made, moving onward as quickly and efficiently as possible is ideal.

After contacting an attorney, the first major step in the divorce process is serving one’s spouse with legal paperwork to begin the formal process of dissolving one’s marriage. However, it is important not to take this step in impulsive haste. The timing of serving papers may impact your divorce case later on. As a result, you may benefit from speaking with a law firm before committing to a timeframe in which to serve your spouse with papers. Once they understand your situation, they can explain the pros and cons of serving your spouse with divorce papers immediately.

Serving Your Spouse with Divorce Papers
It is important to think about your goals and your priorities for your divorce process before serving your spouse with papers. If you and your spouse do not share minor children, have no significant assets and have not been together for many years, serving him or her with paperwork immediately may not impact your divorce case to any great extent. But if you have significant assets and/or minor children, there may be good reasons to time serving this paperwork carefully. Attorneys can discuss these potential goals with you once they understand your situation in more detail.

Once you decide when to serve your spouse with divorce papers, attorneys can draw up necessary forms and explain how they must be served. Each state has slightly different requirements for this process, so it is important to follow local requirements exactly. Missteps can cause delays in the rest of the process, which your lawyer will want to avoid.
Divorce Guidance Is Available
If you have decided that divorce is the healthiest way forward, please consider scheduling a consultation with a firm today. They can assist you with all the practical legal aspects of the divorce process, including drawing up and serving your spouse with papers. In addition, they can help to ensure that the timing of this action best serves your goals and priorities for your divorce moving forward.

Once your papers have been served, the legal side of divorce becomes relatively complex and time-intensive. A law firm has extensive experience with both contentious and relatively amicable divorce processes. Whether you are hoping to come to an agreement related to your property division settlement (and child custody arrangements, if applicable) via mediation or attorney-led negotiation or you anticipate that you will need to engage in a traditional “courtroom style” divorce due to fundamental differences in re: property division and/or child custody, a family lawyer Tampa, FL families recommend, may be able to help. Once they learn the details of your situation and priorities, they can help to construct a solid legal strategy for your divorce. 

Thanks to The McKinney Law Group for their insight into family law and how to serve your spouse with divorce papers.

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