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September 24, 2019

What is the Timeline for a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuring yourself on someone else’s property can be scary. If you are at home, you may know that there are certain areas in your house to avoid or you know that a light has gone out and it needs to be replaced. However, when you are on someone else’s property, you never know what kind of dangers there are. If you fall and hurt yourself, you may think there is no question that you have a personal injury claim. However, speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you determine if you have a claim and what your next steps are. If you’re wondering what the general steps of a personal injury claim are and what the timeline is, please read the information below. We believe it can be valuable to you.

What is the first thing I should do after an accident?

Regardless of the type of accident you are in, whether it is a burn accident, a slip and fall accident, or a car accident, you should seek medical attention. When you and your attorney make your claim with the insurance company, the adjuster may not believe that you were injured if you don’t seek help from a doctor following the accident. Further, if this claim goes to court, the jury may not believe it either. So, for the sake of your claim, but most importantly your health, go see a medical professional. 

What should I do after seeing a doctor?

Even if you believe your injuries are minor and you are unsure about pursuing a claim, you should speak with an attorney to decide the next best steps. Having an attorney on your side can make this less confusing and they can show you what your options are. You might be wondering how you know you need an attorney. There are a few things that can point you in the direction of hiring an attorney for your claim:

  1. You have broken or fractured bones. 
  2. You have thousands of dollars worth of medical bills from the accident. 
  3. You have to miss days, weeks, or months of work. 

What will an attorney do for me?

An attorney is here to help you with your claim and make the process go as smoothly as possible. The attorney can speak with you about what happened leading up to the accident, your view of how the accident occurred, and even gather witness testimonies if anyone was there when the accident happened. While the attorney gathers evidence for your claim, you may be in the waiting phase for a few months. This will include your attorney gathering your medical records, testimonies, potential footage of the accident, or a police report. 

Once this is done, you and your attorney will consider how you want to proceed, whether you are willing to settle or whether you should go to court. For more information on how a personal injury personal injury lawyer in Wytheville, VA can help, please call a law firm now. 

Thanks to The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into personal injury claims and the timeline for a claim.

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