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March 17, 2022

What Is Legal Separation?

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If you are in need of a divorce lawyer in Rockville, Maryland, then look no further than The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright. When couples start to plan a divorce, they sometimes think about going through a period of separation first. If you are in the state of Maryland, you may have questions about separation. Must you separate before you can receive a divorce? What is separation? Here is what you need to know about separation and how it will affect your divorce in the future:

What Is Legal Separation?

Legal separation is typically an alternative to divorce. For some people, it is the step before the divorce. Essentially, it is when someone becomes legally separated, but does not divorce. In separation, the two of you live apart from one another and do not act as a married couple any longer. This means that you cannot engage romantically, have dates, or take part in a couple’s activities.

Is Separation Necessary?

As your Maryland divorce lawyer from Rockville can explain, there are certain rules that you have to follow to get a divorce. First, you have to be a resident of the state of Maryland. To be a resident, you have to live here for at least six months. If you are not a resident, then your spouse must be. In addition to residency requirements, you have to be separated.

If you live in the same household, then the law may not consider you to be separated. It is better if you and your spouse do not live in the same house. At the very least, you should sleep in separate bedrooms and act as friends or as single people, rather than as a couple. If you behave like a married couple, it is more likely that your divorce will take extra time.

Is a Lawyer Required?

No law states that you must have a lawyer when you are going through a separation or a divorce. But, it is recommended that you have a legal advocate, to ensure that the process runs smoothly. Additionally, a lawyer will be your guide through the divorce proceedings. If you have any uncertainty about the rules surrounding your separation or divorce, the lawyer can answer all of your questions.

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If you’re considering a legal separation, you may want to meet with a lawyer. Lawyers understand the ins and outs of divorce law. In some cases, a divorce or separation can become complicated. To find out what your next moves should be, consult with a divorce lawyer in Rockville, MD at The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright as soon as possible. 

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